The images here come from my conceptual process for a library design proposal. Building off of photographs of urban and natural environments juxtaposed, the sketches try to capture diversity of landscape, illustrating an experience that gradates from dynamic to still.
These sketches extrude my plan concept. One of the challenges of this process was getting concepts that felt compelling in plan to also read in three dimensions, so I did several studies of this sort to brainstorm possibilities for three dimensional translations of the plan's gestures.

The area on the left is nearer to the entrance; it is a collaborative area where students can talk to each other. On the right is a more quiet study area, toward the back of the library. Noise adjacencies were an important factor in this layout, and even contributed to my visual concepts of density versus openness.
These images showcase more of my work in developing the concept layout and the physical elements. The material explorations in the upper right came about as a way to make sure that form and composition agreed with the visual and tactile qualities of my intended materials for the library. By collaging materials this way, I wanted to more closely identify characteristics of the active spaces and quiet spaces.
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